Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Artful Attitudes... new bulletin "black" boards! painting with Chalkboard paint

I really like how the children's art looks on a bulletin board with black paper... their artwork pops! So I thought about it... and why not paint the bulletin boards with chalkboard paint? Well that is what I did... I like it. No paper waste and I can clean them and start again... I ran out of paint to do all of my bulletin boards, but I painted borders and I like how they turned out as well.

Another new thing in our art studio is to start off the class with "artful attitudes".  Quotes and statements that coincide with our Willow Brook character traits and attitudes on how to approach our art.  Sometimes the kiddos focus on perseverance, courage, and responsibility... and sometimes it is as simple as creating something extra ordinary rather than ordinary!

Contrast Cities...

Our creative 5th graders drew these creative cities... focusing on contrast, line and shapes.

Word wall in the works...

I am thrilled to begin another school year with our creative Wildcats! We have some great projects in the works. This year, we are going to have a word wall with all of the cool art words we use... so we started off with the alphabet and will add our vocabulary as we go... I can't wait to see it up!