Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Only One You Art Mural and Installation at Willow Brook Elementary School

Just the other day I was reconnected with the author, Linda Kranz. She illustrated and wrote, "Only One You" which was the inspiration for our all school art mural and installation in the school cafe.  I have gotten notes and questions on the art installation from beginning to end from schools that were inspired by our wall. The installation has held up very well.  There have been some curious friends that have touched and taken down a fish or two, but overall, I am very happy with the longevity of the piece.  If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me through our blog, or if you have been inspired by our wall and created something similar please share photos!! I would love, love, love to share them with our students. Art can bring communities together and that would be a great lesson to share with our Wildcats!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Second Year TAB Teacher Surfing the Studio Centers

I was so pumped to start my second year as a TAB Teacher.   My first year, I was scared and held back a little. I was nervous that mad chaos would ensue, so I was extra careful to make sure that routines and procedures were in place.  It was magical how students were engaged, on task, creative, natural collaborations would occur and the conversations about art would make my heart beat faster. It was an energetic year, we had visits from administration, the newspaper and even local channel news. I was humbled and proud of my students.

This year is my second year... I have been surfing waves of delight and frustration as I revise, plan and modify our studio centers.  I believe in TAB, I trust that it is a pedagogy that has my students best interest at heart. As a mommy of four, it is how my children learn with their art teacher, Maryellen Picker. I see the excitement they display on days that they have art. They light up when they bring home their creative artworks, and I love seeing the windows into how they think and design.  For my students, I have deeper, more meaningful relationships with them because I see them through their art. I have met up with some wonderful TAB art teachers in the St. Louis area, and I frequent the Midwest TAB-Choice Facebook group for support.

Everyday is new.  To make things go more smoothly in the planning process, I have created this plan sheet.  It is a culmination of different artist statement, reflection forms and other plan sheets that I have seen on pinterest and TAB groups.

I want to share it, in case it may be something that may help you. There are 2 plan sheets, one that integrates elements of art and another that integrate the principles of art. I have provided links to the google documents so that you can print them out.  I have used this recently and have been happy to see how it guides my students thinking.  As I ride the waves and try to balance on my surf board, I may revise again and again, but here is my first draft. Enjoy.

grade k-2 intervention WOW plan sheet