Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2016 Legacy Project Underway for 3rd through 5th Graders

This year, we closed up studios for grades 3 through 5 to focus on a Ceramics Unit. We have a lot of special staff members retiring and "Soaring to New Adventures."  We loved how the "Only One You" ceramic installation turned out in our cafeteria, so we are working on hot air balloons for a Water Fountain Legacy project. You can see the water fountain space above.
First, I created new ceramic stamps for the children to use.

We have tons of different stamps for fun patterns.

Children rolled the clay.

Next, they used tracers and cut around the hot air balloons and smoothed the edges.

Then, students were able to add their patterns and designs.

I love how the kids made tons of different patterns.

Students added glaze. We used stroke and coat glaze to save a step of bisque firing.

Into the kiln.

 We are almost ready for the install. The paint has been ordered and we have to coat that first! Stay tuned for the end result! Watch a stop motion on how we got started!