Friday, May 5, 2017

End of the School Year in Art! Transition to Modified Studios

The end of the school year has many fun thoughts come to mind, especially in the Art Studio! Even more so, when your routines and procedures came to a screeching hault for maternity leave and you absent for 3 months! 

To keep things running as smoothly as possible, we begin to "close" down full TAB and transition to modified choices. In all honesty, this is how TAB all began for me.  I was scared and stalled numerous times until one morning, I came to school with planks and "set my caged birds free!" Tables are set up, some with "Art Traps" and hands-on activities, children are allowed to choose from what is already selected.  At the end of the year, we go from Painting, Sculpture, Collage, Drawing to STOP-MOTION, STEAM, ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING and FIBER ARTS.  I have some step by step sheets for students in case they need them.  I hope you find them helpful and can get full links here: and

Our Art studio has 10 iPad minis and we have "sets" set up for Stop-Motion. Key is to NOT MOVE THE CAMERA! They are exploring and learning. Next year, this will be a studio we open early.  I love the natural collaboration that takes place.

STEAM is a mix of one person hands-on activities from a wonderful grant that we received from the Pattonville Education Foundation.  We have a light board, magnablocks, emido building materials and other great things from Amazon.  In STEAM and ARCHITECTURE, students are supposed to photograph their creations.  From our grant, we added building bricks (imitation Legos) and they are a hit! I would highly suggest purchasing the window and wheel packs. I love seeing what my students have created!

FIBER ARTS we have friendship bracelets and hand-sewing stuffies.

I never really "close" drawing, painting and collage, but there is a natural transition to the "new" pre-set materials that make me feel less like a cleaning lady.